Big Brother Corgi Won’t Let Newborn Baby Sisters Out Of His Sight

When Thor, the pet dog, got to know that his mom was pregnant, he decided to man up and become a big brother. He started to stay by the side of his pregnant mother and refused to leave her.

Tiffany Bowman, the mother of Thor, said Thor followed her from room to room and would stay in his own space.

Thor would watch Tiffany even if she was sleeping.

Tiffany gave birth to her twin daughters through an emergency C-section surgery after being diagnosed with preeclampsia.

The twin daughters arrived earlier than expected, so they had to spend some time in the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) before they could go home.

While the twin sisters were in the NICU, Tiffany would bring blankets home so the puppies could get used to their smell.

After spending some time in the NICU, the babies were finally brought home.

Since the day Tiffany brought the twin daughters home, Thor refuses to let them out of his sight and would even bring toys to them.

Tiffany said Thor knows that his new baby sisters are fragile and are in dire need of extra care.

Tiffany said Thor would help them watch over the babies every day and would bring them toys and would even give them a share of his own food.

Sherman, the other dog of Tiffany, has also done the same thing for the babies.

Talking about Thor and Sherman, Tiffany said her pet dogs love children.

She added, “They love children,” Bowman said. “Thor stays true to his instincts and keeps my nephews herded together. I’m sure he will do the same when the girls start to crawl.”

This is one of the best doggo stories ever!

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