Bus Driver In India Fined For Not Wearing A Helmet

An owner of a private bus in Noida, India, said his bus driver was fined Rs. 500, which is around $8 USD, for not wearing a helmet while he was maneuvering the bus.

Nirankar Singh, the owner of the bus, said the driver was fined on September 11, 2019.

Singh said he would take the matter to the court if he gets forced to pay the fine.

Singh said his son manages their transport business, which has 40 to 50 buses. Most of their buses are linked with private schools and companies in Greater Noida and Noida.

During an interview with PTI, Singh said, “My concern is that such a mistake reflects poorly on the Transport Department.”

He added, “It raises questions on the working of such a responsible department and makes people wonder about the authenticity of other hundreds of challans being issued daily.”

He continued, “I will be taking up the matter with officials concerned and will approach the court of law if the need be.”

According to the Noida Police, the fine was issued by an officer with the Transport Department.

Authorities said the same bus driver was handed a fine 4 times for not wearing a seat-belt while driving the bus.

Nirankar Singh said if his bus driver did not wear a seatbelt, then he should be fined for not wearing seatbelt.

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