‘Don’t Listen To Your Parents’ Says Former Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju For This Valentine’s Day, Gives A Live Example

We’re progressing in terms of personal liberty, technology, communication and women empowerment. But when it comes to the space between the parents and their children, the gap is always filled with orthodox customs, patriarchy and social issues.

This former Supreme Court judge, Markandey Katju has an amazing advice to the couples out there, his opinion is quite clearly stating to stay determined and focussed when it is about love and liberty. He suggests the youth follow their heart, he advises people to marry the one they love and lead a happy life, instead of marrying someone else for some petty reasons like money, caste and religion.

He even gave a live example which he himself had experienced. Coming to the story,

Coming to the story, two years back there was a girl who contacted the former justice telling him about the parents of her boyfriend who were averse to their relationship because of her Dalit status. But after she followed Katju’s advice, she is now happily married to her then-boyfriend.

When asked about the story, Katju Ji said:

“I replied saying that she should now tell the boy to choose between her or his parents, as it was not fair to keep her hanging forever.”

That girl contacted him and now she’s thanking him for the advice and is seeking his blessings, he added.

The former judge shared the story through his facebook account,

“A Pleasant Surprise
In June 2014 I received a fb message from a Scheduled caste girl studying M.Tech. in Delhi who was friendly with an upper caste boy for about 7 years. She told me that the boy’s parents refused to give their consent to marriage of the two since she was a dalit.
She asked me what should she do ? I replied saying that she should now tell the boy to choose between her or his parents, as it was not fair to keep her hanging forever.
Today morning I received a pleasant surprise. She sent me another fb message. I am quoting her messages and my replies below She has permitted me to publish her story without giving any personal details :
Hello Sir,
Remember me , I am the one who mailed you few years back regarding my confusion of being in a relationship with a agarwal boy as dey were not ready for our wedding as I belong to SC community.
Sir, I am very happy to share with you that I got married to d same guy with all the blessings from both the families.
I need blessing from u all well.
Markandey Katju
Congratulations. And my salute to your husband who took the manly step of defying his silly casteist parents. I wish all Indians become like you two, free of casteism. May I publish your story on my fb page ? It will be an inspiration to others. Have your husbands parents accepted you ? If not, I can personally come and try to persuade them.
Yes sir…earlier I was very stressed but now my inlaws are very happy n they have fully accepted me and they treat me as if m dere daughter.
I will me more then happy if u visit my inlaws place for dinner.
Markandey Katju
But where do you live ? I am going abroad on 21st February and will return after about 3 months. You have not mentioned whether I can publish your story on fb.
I am from—…n presently living in—i…you may publish my story without any of my personal detail.
Seen by— at 11:04am.
Markandey Katju
I am very happy for this young couple, and recommend all upper caste boys and girls to marry dalits or persons of another religion if they love them. Dont listen to your parents or other relatives and caste/community members if they object. Their heads are full of feudal, casteist and communal crap. Rebel against them, even if you face difficulties. Our country must destroy the curse of casteism and communalism if it is to progress.”

People responded to Markandey’s post extensively, and here are his wittiest replies,
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