This Clever Boy Got ₹51 In His Paytm Wallet From Someone Who Stole His JOKE On The Internet

Things go viral on the Internet easily. Every single day, we keep reading viral stories and sharing viral videos; this is the only source of ‘Good’ entertainment for many of us, isn’t it?

However, the online space is facing a major problem, which is taking off content from elsewhere, without so much as a ‘by your leave’. There are so many users with a huge following whose tweets get stolen and instead of the original tweet, the stolen one gets retweets and likes. Something similar is happening on the Indian Internet space today.

One such thing happened when Himanshu Khodke posted a joke on Twitter.

So, this is how the story goes. A Twitter user @HimanshuKhodke posted a joke about YouTube, and instantly, his witty joke became viral.

This is what he had tweeted:

Not surprisingly, this joke became viral after a lot of people shared it without giving credits to Himanshu. Hence, Himanshu decided to shame them publicly.

He posted a picture on his Facebook account which had screenshots of some who copied his joke.

Kaam mera aur fame tera?

The last guy (in the above frame) wasn’t happy with being shamed and asked Himanshu to delete his screenshot from the post. Thereafter, he had a quite a funny conversation with Himanshu.

This is how they chatted,


Finally, the guy gave up and offered ₹51 to Himanshu as a compensation for using his joke.


Himanshu, for a second, might have thought that this guy is joking. But, no. He transferred the amount with a perfect comment, “Rona Band Kar Bhai please”.


The best part of this transaction was the comment, ‘Rona Band Kar Bhai’. In the end, Himanshu shared the entire incident like a boss:

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