Mother Living On Benefits Becomes Millionaire After Winning Over £500,000 Twice In Ten Days

A mother of 4 children that was struggling on universal credit is now a millionaire after she won over £500,000 twice in 10 days through an online bingo site.

Anita Campbell, from Seaham in Country Durham, was surviving on benefits when she realized she had won over £500,000 2 times in just 10 days.

Thanks to winning the money, she brought a new house for her elderly father and has also helped her daughter out by paying for her to have IVF treatment so she can start a family of her own.

Anita used the money that she won to pay off the debts she got after paying for her mother’s funeral.

Before winning £500,000 twice in 10 days, Anita was ill and had been claiming Universal Credit to survive.

Talking about her huge win, Anita said it feels like a dream.

She added, “It’s still a bit of a dream. I’m over the moon. I still can’t believe it. I thought straightaway, ‘I can help my kids with this money.’”

Anita said she had been using Universal Credit for over a year.

Due to her deteriorating health, Anita ended up losing weight.

She said, “I’ve lost weight, I’ve not been able to eat properly, which has had an effect on my diabetes.”

A couple of hours after joining an online bingo game, Anita won £597,000. The money got deposited into her bank account a week after that.

10 days after winning the money, Anita won again, and this time it was £522,000.

Talking about her win, she said, “I just couldn’t believe that I’d won again.”

Anita said she will be using the money she won on her father’s new house, the treatment for her daughter’s IVF treatment, and will take her entire family on shopping trips.

Anita will also give her 5-year-old grandson a Lego set.

Talking about her grandson, Anita said, “He rang me and asked, ‘Nana are you rich? Can I have some Lego?’”

Anita won £1,119,000, and she is using the money in good use.

Anita has already left her rented house for a new house of her own, and ended up giving her old furniture to the less fortunate.

Anita said, “I gave away my old furniture to people I thought might need it so that will have helped people.”

Talking about playing online bingo, Anita said she only plays it when she’s bored so she can pass the time.

She added, “I play just for fun, I’ve never deposited more than £20 at a time but if I am bored in the house on my own I’ll play a game or two.”

Congratulations on the big win Anita, you deserve it!

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