Things You Need To Know About Digital India Before You Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

On Facebook, people just go with the flow without knowing the actual reason behind it. Most of the people who changed their profile pictures to support ‪#‎DigitalIndia‬ actually don’t know what they are supporting for just like changing profile pictures with gay pride colours without knowing it. Before you change your Facebook Profile Picture remember these things:
change your Facebook profile pic to support digital india

1. Facebook is using it as marketing of

For Facebook, supporting ‘Digital India’ directly translates to a marketing of in the country. You might be updating your profile pic to (look cool) show your support towards Digital India, Facebook is counting it as a support for!

In a response to DoT, Facebook just announced that 17 million people have supported the service. The company has published all comments received (dropbox link) through which facebook is trying to prove that Indians are in support with support

2. What Really Happens When You Change Your FB Profile Pic?

Look at the source code the profile pic is NOT for the support of Digital India, but for Facebook’s initiative.

It’s a submission system from facebook. Your details will be submitted to Indian govt. as a list of people who supports Digital India, which means who supports ‪#‎Freebasics‬ or is against ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬.

3. Supporting Digital India means supporting Anti-Net Neutrality will only provide free access to facebook and some other partner websites (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm). These few websites including Facebook don’t make the internet, it’s nowhere close to the real internet. What this will do is tamper with the Net Neutrality which defends the whole idea behind the internet, which should be open.

Partners of internetorg.jpg

4. It might kill future Innovations will help big companies to keep getting bigger, small ones with better ideas and innovation won’t even stand a chance, because they can’t buy their way into this ‘pseudo-internet’ that people are enjoying for free. In short, it might kill future innovations like the ‘next Facebook’.

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5. For Facebook, this is business as usual

For Facebook, this is business as usual. Nothing less / nothing more. So think twice before changing your profile pic – it amounts to supporting Facebook’s initiatives and in the process, stifling innovation in the country and nothing else.

Holy contradictions, Batman!! Whatever you do good or bad, people have something negative to say..! We are NOT against #DigitalIndia campaign, but we just let everyone know what all the things which went around the web. So, remember these things before you change your Facebook Profile Picture with tricolour to support Digital India.

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