What could be the tomorrow’s Headlines in Sakshi?

Now days it has been an easy job to guess the headlines in Sakshi media. Sometimes the content in the Sakshi is simple to be guessed and figures out even by a layman. Headlines in Sakshi print media seem to be targeting the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. The headlines in the Sakshi print media are aimed at AP CM CBN majorly exclusive coverage on Loan Waive announcement.

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It is evident that Telugu Desam Party(TDP) came into ruling in Andhra Pradesh with the loan waive scheme which was one of the promise of their manifesto. YSRCP Chief and Its president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been focusing and is having an verbal war with statements demanding the early and rapid waive of loans by the farmers in the Andhra Pradesh which was the prime agenda of TDP. In many party meetings and media conferences he alleged that how is CBN going to waive the loans of the farmers and how much period of time is going to be taken for the process of the scheme to be drawn and implemented.

He even alleged that few ministers in CBN cabinet and the CBN are stating that they are going to waive the loans with the revenue being generated from selling the sandalwoods being caught while raided in smugglers in the AP forest region. All this sounds fishy hence the government is answerable to its people. Jagan is demanding TDP government to give a write off to farmer’s loan immediately and gave ultimatum one month of time to the government. YSRCP is planning to have a massive protest against government of AP for the immediate approval of farmers loan waive where obviously the party president Jagan is going to lead the protest.

Today the Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has announced the loan waiving for the farmers where the maximum limit of the loan is 1.5 lakhs. At the same time he has announced loan waive for the self-help groups so called DWACRA groups and Cotton waivers. The scheme is aimed at waiving an amount of 1.5 lac of loan for each family and government s is going bear the burden of huge revenue just for the wellness of the people of Andhra Pradesh.  While what so ever may be the governments stand the opposition government has to criticise for the wellbeing of the people. On the other hand Sakshi Pint Media has been publishing the ultimatums of Jagan as Headlines in page 1 making it easy for the public to guess the upcoming headlines. Stay tuned to All India Round up for latest trendy feeds and share this with your friends.

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