6 Killed And 11 Severely Injured After Lightning Strikes During Funeral In Uganda

6 people dead and 11 severely injured after a lightning strike hit a funeral that was taking place in Pader, a northern district in Uganda.

The incident reportedly happened on November 7, 2019, in Tobi Village, which is located in Pader District, Uganda.

The incident happened when the district was hit by heavy rains.

Patrick Okema, the spokesperson of the Pader Police said that the injured people were rushed to a hospital.

Okema also mentioned that some of the injured people were in serious condition.

Tom Bainomugisha, the Police Commander of Uganda, said that the people were hiding under a large tree when the lightning struck.

Commander Bainomugisha said, “The group had spent the night in prayers for a bereaved person when the incident happened.”

Lightning is common in the Pader region of Uganda.

Earlier this year, the weather department of Uganda said that this year’s rainy season was highest in recent years.

A number of regions in the small country had to face lightning, flooding, and even mudslides.

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