Archaeologists Uncover Remains Of Rich Man And His Slave That Got Killed During The Vesuvius Eruption

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a rich man and his slave after they were killed during the Vesuvius eruption.

Their bodies are around 2000 years old.

The bodies belong to a rich man and his slave, who were killed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The eruption ended up destroying the ancient city, which happened in AD 79.

One of the men was aged around 30 to 40 and the other one was around 18 to 23 years old.

They were found under a layer of ash, which is around 2 meters deep into the ground.

Massimo Osanna, the director of the Pompeii Archeological Park said that he thinks the 2 men were seeking refuge at the time of their deaths before they got swept away.

The discovery was made on November 21, 2020.

It was found in what to be an elegant villa that had a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the men had a crushed vertebra, which means that he was a slave.

The other man had traces of a woolen cloak beneath his neck and had a mantle on his shoulder.

The younger man, who is believed to be the slave, was wearing a short and a pleated tunic at the time of his death.

Osanna said that the 2 passed away due to thermal shock.

The 2 bodies had clenched feet and hands.

The 2 men were found in a room of an underground corridor, which is known as a cryptoporticus.

Ossana said that the 2 men were looking for shelter and ended up getting trapped in the underground space.

Experts said that the recent discovery just shows what type of situation people were in after the eruption happened.

In order to identify the corpses in a better manner, archaeologists had to pour liquid chalk into the cavities of the bones as it will help them get a good image and shape of the bodies.

Not only could that, but the positions of the men be identified too!

At the end of October in 79 AD, Vesuvius erupted.

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