Caught On Cam: Hong Kong Man Set On Fire After Arguing With Democracy Protesters

Earlier this week, a video, which showed protesters setting a man on fire in Hong Kong, went viral on social media, and on November 11, 2019, authorities confirmed that the incident happened.

The Hong Kong Police said that a man was set on fire amidst a heated argument with pro-democracy protesters during a day of widespread clashes in the city.

The full video of Hong Kong man set on fire went viral right away after social media users found it wrong.

On Facebook alone, 3 videos were shared, and they showed a man in a green T-shirt arguing with people on a footbridge.

A masked man in the crowd came out and threw liquid all over the man, and set him on fire.

The man ran in fear and could be seen removing his T-shirt.

John Tse, the spokesperson of the Hong Kong police, said, “In the most shocking incident, some rioters poured the flammable liquid onto a person and set him on fire.”

Mr. Tse said the man was rushed to a hospital.

When asked about his condition, Mr. Tse said that he is currently in a critical condition.

According to reports, the incident happened in the northern area of Ma On Shan, which is located 20 kilometers away from the Central business district.

Before the attack happened, the authorities announced that protesters trashed the Ma On Shan Train Station.

The man who was set on fire chased the rioters as they were harming the daily lives of other people.

Mr. Tse, who is also a Chief Superintendent, said that the man was beaten at first and was set on fire.

The man was rushed to the Prince of Wales Hospital, which is the closest hospital to the Man On Shan.

The videos went viral on social media right away.

It is still not clear about how the argument started, but the one thing is clear in the video, rioters are going towards the wrong side of the justice system.

In the video, the man could be heard saying “none of you are Chinese” and as a response, his opponents shouted “Go back to the Greater Bay Area”, which is the name of a nearby region of the Chinese mainland.

Authorities are yet to real a new report about the health condition of the man who was set on fire by the protesters.

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