Caught On Cam: Philippine Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Catches Fire

On Video: A Philippine Airlines flight that took off from Los Angeles and was headed to Manila, Philippines, was forced to make an emergency landing after its engine got caught on fire.

Reports suggest that there were 347 passengers on the plane when the incident happened.

According to the Los Angeles International Airport, the pilots of flight 113 bound to Manila had to make an emergency landing after engine failure was reported.

A video that was caught by a passenger showed flames coming out of the right engine of the plane.

Philippine airlines flight PR113 engine trouble!

Posted by Manuel Vincent Sy on Thursday, 21 November 2019

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the Philippine Airlines flight returned and landed at the airport without causing injuries to the passengers.

A video that was showed with the public showed flames and smoke coming out of the right engine of the plane as it took off from the Los Angeles International Airport.

In a statement that was released by the Philippine Airlines, they said, “We greatly appreciate the calmness and patience of our PR113 passengers, who cooperated well with our cabin crew during the flight and the emergency landing.”

Andrew Ames saw the entire incident from below.

Andrew said the flames looked like backfire flames that were coming out from a “car or a motorcycle.”

The exact cause of the technical problem is still not known.

Authorities have launched an investigation about the incident.

Flights at the Los Angeles International Airport were not affected by the incident.

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