Russian Gas Station Offers Free Fuel To People Wearing Bikinis, Ends Up Attracting Men

A gas station in Samara, Russia, came up with a unique strategy to increase their sales by giving free fuel to anyone who comes to their pump wearing a bikini.

The Olvi gas station in Samara, Russia, set out a campaign that would offer free gas or fuel to the people who wear bikinis.

Instead of attracting women that are wearing bikinis, the petrol pump ended up attracting men wearing bikinis.

Hilarious isn’t it?

After people figured out that the Olvi gas station was offering free fuel for people wearing a bikini, men took advantage of this and ended up getting free gas.

I mean, who wouldn’t want free gas?

Other men ended up wearing bikinis, but other people went on a whole new level.

Some of the men ended up wearing bikinis with a pair of heels.

The campaign by Olvi gas station only lasted for 3 hours.

One thing is for sure, the gas station did get a lot of publicity.

A number of men were seen wearing tiny and skimpy bikinis.

Well, folks, crazy things happen in Russia!

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