Butterfly Bridge at Deorali , Gangtok , Sikkim

As part of Sikkim’s beautification project, the Urban Development & Housing Department has fulfilled the dream of completing the long-pending demand for a flyover at Deorali , Gangtok. The flyover project, which started on the February of 2011, is being built entirely of steel along the National Highway at Deorali.

This project is a significant initiative of the department as the flyover is situated at a critical spot near schools, monastery, motor stand and the Forest Secretariat. On completion, the flyover will be of tremendous assistance for pedestrians and also help in preventing accidents and crossing problems.One of the engineer (name withheld) of the Housing Department informed that the flyover has been designed by the Metropro Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MCIPL) from Hyderabad. Aptly termed the “Butterfly Bridge”, when aerially viewed, the flyover will resemble a tri-forked structure with a deck at the center which will be decorated by a butterfly artwork built on steel.
The concerned engineer also said that they might consider building 3 to 4 shops inside the flyover structure. If shops are actually built, they will be mostly gift shops selling cards and flowers; their reason for not considering a coffee shop or an eatery being that this will prevent littering and keep the city clean.

Regarding the foundation work for the flyover, the department mentioned that they received environmental clearance after having the soil of the proposed region properly tested.
On being asked whether the people have been properly informed about the flyover design and project, the department informed that there was an exhibition in Star Hall on display for people regarding the design and plan of the flyover.
Since the flyover is being built on the national highway which usually has heavy traffic during the day, the sub-structure work (civil work) is done mostly during the night. This implies that the work completion of the flyover takes considerable time and effort and is one of the many difficulties faced by the workers.

The engineer has expressed his gratitude for the cooperation that they received from the traffic police and the citizens of the Deorali region. He also mentioned that they would be willing to build similar flyovers on critical zones of the city in the future whenever they receive government funding for the same. Lastly they hoped that after the flyover completion, the people would also take responsibility, along with the government, in the maintenance and cleanliness of the “Butterfly Bridge”.

Butterfly Bridge at Deorali , Gangtok , Sikkim

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