Sectors Where Bitcoin is Likely to Cause Significant Changes

Modern financial experts have predicted that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will cause the biggest disruption since the creation of the internet. However, many industries are likely to benefit from the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology will also affect various sectors differently.

Today, many sectors are already feeling the impact of Bitcoin adoption. For instance, some banks are noticing a decrease in cross-border transactions as more people opt to use Bitcoin for online payments for services and products. Perhaps, that’s because cross-border Bitcoin transactions are faster and less expensive compared to those of banks. And this might continue as more individuals use platforms like the App to purchase and sell this cryptocurrency.

With such systems, more people are learning about Bitcoin and how to use it to make money. What’s more, people are trading this cryptocurrency to earn a living, even with little knowledge or skills about how it works. The financial sector could be testing blockchain technology as a way to minimize per-transaction costs and boost operational efficiency. However, other sectors will most likely experience effects from the adoption of this digital currency. Here are some of the sectors where Bitcoin might cause significant changes.

Private Transportation

This industry is likely to experience changes in two ways. One is through the creation of e-wallets for in-car usage combined with the invention of blockchain-based, decentralized, peer-to-peer ridesharing. For example, some companies are creating e-wallets that enable vehicle owners to seamless and quickly pay for electric automobile charging, parking, and tolls. That means people could eventually use Bitcoin or blockchain technology to pay for such different services in the private transportation sector, including ridesharing.


Cyber-security is a popular subject for discussion among individuals and corporations. That’s because cybercrime is increasingly becoming common the world over. Cybercrime is a major risk for people doing business online today. Luckily, the decentralized and immutable nature of blockchain technology means the world can use it to deal with data theft issues.

With this technology, people store data using safe and secure cryptography. What’s more, blockchain technology can help in making the internet secure where people have less exposure to distributed denial of service attacks. Startups are creating blockchain-based domain systems that DDOS can’t harm.

Music Distribution

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are likely to affect the modern music industry by changing how people purchase and sell things. Some companies are already using the blockchain technology to change how people share music and the way artists receive their royalties. And this is disintermediating the industry that for a long time has operated like a centralized system.

With the help of such companies, artists can now have new ways to sell their singles and albums directly to their fans. Thus, music distributers and record labels might eventually become obsolete in the music industry. What’s more, this technology will create a fair, open music industry that enable artists to get direct payment.


Blockchain use will benefit the health sector too. Nursing facilities and hospitals struggle to share data and warehouse securely. Some of them suffer cyber-attacks regularly. The distributed ledger provides a method for safely storing and sharing data. And thus will allow for faster and accurate diagnoses.

Supply Chain Management

This is among the sectors that are likely to undergo extensive blockchain-related changes. That’s because this technology focuses on making transactions secure and transparent. Several startups are currently working on methods that will enhance supply chain management using blockchain technology.

Some people and business leaders have been skeptical about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. However, they are slowly starting to accept it as they realize its potential and benefits. As such, Bitcoin will most likely continue to affect different economic and social sectors.

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