List Of Top 10 Pro-Bloggers in India 2014 With Infographic

Bloggers are the people who form, run, update and make internet a better place for you all! Without them,internet is nothing. Blogging is the job which pays a lot while it facilitates you with a satisfaction of serving. We introduce to you, popular bloggers from India, who are an inspiration to the new age writers. And yes, most of them quit their jobs to be listed in the top ten bloggers in India.

Blogging is an uncertain industry, there are lot of changes. You never know when your blog’s traffic is going to drop. So, you must be courageous and determined to choose this as your full time profession. We would like to salute all the professional Bloggers who choose Blogging as their only career.

Infografic – Top Ten Bloggerrs of INDIA:

As I said, Pro Bloggers are hard to find in India, but there are some bloggers who were awesome enough to choose Blogging as their full time profession! We have made an infoGraphic to pay tribute to all of the hard working Pro Bloggers of India! Today we are here with the latest information of Top 10 Bloggers in INDIA.

We have included all the important details of their blogs ,such as- Page Rank, Alexa Rank,etc.

Top 10 Professional Bloggers Of India included in the Infographic:

  1. Amit Agarwal
  2. Harsh Agarwal
  3. Imran Uddin
  4. Varun Krishnan
  5. Ashish Sinha
  6. Shradha Sharama
  7. Amit Bhawani
  8. Srinivas Tamada
  9. Arun Prabhudesai
  10. Kulwant Nagi

Note- The income which we have included in the Infographic is an approximate estimation of their incomes.

Hope you liked our infographic, its the latest infographic on this topic with latest information.

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