This Video Of Pakistani Guy Popping Out His Eyes Will Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight

Years back there was certain news about a Chinese old man whose clap sound is so loud that it is audible to the people over a kilometer, someone who can walk through fire, Chris’ tricks and all. Every activity of such kind has a trick behind it.

Now here’s a news from Pakistan, a teenager boy who can literally pop out his eyes as simple as it is. After watching this video you will simply end up believing that this trait the boy has is just incredible. He is now an Internet sensation who has been covered far and wide by national and international media, according to the sources the boy’s name is Ahmed Ali and he is topping the headlines in every local channel.

Meanwhile, a local Pakistani media channel has something to say about Ahmed:

”He possesses a bizarre talent of squeezing his eyes out beyond eye sockets by over 10 mm. Ahmed’s ophthalmologist initially suggested him to get rid of this bizarre habit but looking at his expertise, he motivated him to go after the Guinness Record.”

Watch The Video Here:

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