10-Year-Old Homeless Boy Sleeps With His Pet Stray Dog Every Night After Being Abandoned By Parents

I’m crying and I’m not even denying it this time.

A 10-year-old boy from India sleeps with his dog every night on the streets of Uttar Pradesh after he was abandoned by his parents, but he’s not alone.

Ankit, the boy, sleeps with his dog Danny under a blanket to keep warm during the winter season of UP this year.

A picture of the boy sleeping on the streets is currently viral on social media right now.

The boy reportedly works at a tea stall in the area in order to survive.

The boy was recently pictured cuddled up with his loyal friend Danny.

The incident happened in UP’s Muzaffarnagar.

The boy works on the tea stall during the day and sleeps with the dog during the evening on the streets.

The police said that the boy does not know where he comes from and what his parents’ names are, which makes it hard for them to track them down.

The dog in the picture, Danny, does not leave the side of the boy and guides him all the time.

The boy gives Danny food and makes sure that they are both clean.

After the video and the story of the boy went viral on social media, the local authorities located the boy and rescued him.

Mohammad Mushfakeen, the district probation officer of Muzaffarnagar, released a statement about the incident.

They said:

The boy is now under the care of the district administration and all efforts were being made to trace his parents.

The local authorities will be admitting the boy to a local school and will be giving him access to better education.

The authorities have taken images of the boy and they are currently trying to locate the parents of the boy.

As per Danny, the authorities did not mention anything about him after the boy was rescued.

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