Hundreds of guests attend the wedding ceremony of 2 frogs in Karnataka, India

Earlier this week, a city in India held a wedding ceremony for Varuna and Varsha, 2 frogs, with the hopes of rainfall in the country who is currently gripped with drought.

In a bid to please the rain Gods, the people of this Indian town arranged a full blown wedding… for a couple of frogs 🐸🐸🎩🍾

Posted by LADbible on Friday, 14 June 2019

The heatwave in India has killed around 36 people.

On Tuesday, New Delhi, the capital city of India, recorded its highest temperature ever of 48C.

Churu, Rajasthan recorded 51C this week.

Varuna and Varsha, the two frogs, were married in the Udupi City of Karnataka.

Hundreds of guests were seen attending the marriage of the two frogs in the city. The wedding ceremony of frogs is called “Mandooka Parinaya” which is held to please the rain gods.

According to the Times of India, a group of frogs were first caught in two different areas of the city and were inspected by the Department of Zoology in Manipal.

This is when Varuna and Varsha were selected.

They were named after the god of water and the rainy season.

Varuna and Varsha rode a tricycle when they were brought to the hotel for their wedding ceremony. They were seen wearing custom-made outfits.

The female frog wore a toe ring.

More than 100 people received invitation cards for the wedding. After the wedding ceremony, food was served to the guests.

Varuna and Varsha also went on their “Honeymoon” which is going to be in mannapalla, a village near Manipal.

Varuna and Varsha will be released in the same village.

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