Indian Butcher Arrested And Beaten Up By Locals For Killing Hungry Stray Dog For Stealing Chicken Meat

A poor stray dog was killed in Malad, Mumbai, for trying to steal chicken meat from a butcher shop.

An FIR was later launched by Sunil Kumbhar, a local, in Dindoshi Police Station.

The incident came to light on the evening of September 8, 2020, when the butcher reportedly stole dog meat from their shop.

Irsha Khureshi, the butcher, was the one that carried out the crime.

The police said that he is just a worker in the meat ship.

Ganesh Dhonukshe, a local, along with other locals, took the accused to the police station.

The police said:

He threw a knife which landed directly on her neck, she ran for a while to her litter but died on the way. After the incident, he was beaten up by the locals and then taken to the police station.

The police registered a case against Irsha under IPC Section 429.

Such crime is identified as “mischief by killing or maiming… any animal of the value of fifty rupees…”.

This crime is punishable by Indian law.

Convicted criminals could end up paying a fine or could be spending 5 years in prison.

The dead body of the dog was brought to the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals (BSPCA) in Parel.

It was later revealed that the dog gave birth to a newborn litter and was hungry when it tried to steal food.

The mother was lactating, said authorities that were investigating the case.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the animal, may it rest in peace.

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