Maharashtra Sub-Inspector Arrested For Stealing Seized Cigarettes Worth Rs. 2.16 Crore

A 52-year-old Assistant Sub-Inspector in Palgarh District, Maharashtra was arrested by the police for stealing seized cigarettes worth Rs. 2.16 crores.

The police arrested 52-year-old Sharif Shaikh, an Assistant Sub-Inspector for the Waliv Police Station was arrested for misappropriation of seized foreign-made cigarettes.

Officer Shaikh is currently facing charges under the Indian Penal Code.

Hemant Katkar, the spokesperson of the Palgarh Police, said that the Waliv Police Station seized a huge quantity of foreign brand cigarettes that were smuggled in India.

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The seized cigarettes had an estimated value of Rs. 3.24 crores.

Sharif Shaikh was in charge for keeping the seized goods until the span of the trail.

Instead of keeping them safe, the officer decided to steal cigarettes worth Rs. 2.16 crores.

The police are currently trying to figure out of any other police officer is involved in stealing.

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