Man who washes his own eyes with his own urine says the practice has improved his vision

We have done all sorts of weird things just to improve our overall health, we may have added turmeric in our milk, eggs in our milk, or anything that does not sound right.

But have you ever heard someone washing his own eyes with his own urine?

Well, there is this one guy who did it, and he says that by washing his eyes with his own urine has helped him improve his vision and gargling his own pee has helped him with his oral health.

We live in a weird world, but okay.

Steven Williams, a YouTuber, says that he gargles his own pee and washes his eyes with pee. But let me top another thing, he also soaks his eyes in pee.

Steven Williams made a documentary that is called “Urine Aid”, in that documentary, you can see his lifestyle.

You can see him urinating in a cup and then he rinses out his eyes with the same piss.

The YouTuber says that this practice is really good.

He said, “I’ve tried using aged urine with eye-droppers and I dropped them into my eyes. That really is quite painful, it stings a lot. But it’s very effective for reducing cataracts and getting rid of things like that in the eyes… like styles. While we’re talking restoring vision, I always get a little cup like this, fill it up with urine which I’ll do now; a little bit of fresh urine. I prefer fresh urine, it makes dry eyes moist so it’s great for dry eyes.”

He added, “Just hold the cup up, hold it over the eye and just start blinking. Roll around the eye, look up, and down and just do that for a few minutes. If it runs on your face don’t panic because it’s really good for the skin. Once you’ve finished I tend to throw it out and start a new batch for the following eye.”

He also mentioned what he does when he is at a swimming pool.

He said, “When I’m at the swimming pool, what I do is fill up my goggles with urine.”

Then he explained how he does it, “I sneak into the toilet. I pop it on my head like that which starts a little suction. And then when I’m in the pool I just slip them on to the top of my eyes like that. I pretty much do my laps and my eyes are getting a really good soaking. That’s a good 10 to 15 minutes of dosing. So at that time I get a good wash-out and clean the eye out in that way.”

The YouTuber tells how it feels like when he gargles his own piss, he adds that this practice has whitened his teeth.

He explained, “After about five to six minutes it gets a very lathery texture to it. You can feel it getting thicker. Sometimes I have to spit a little bit out just release the pressure in the mouth, and in about ten minutes, it is like soap. Really thick and foamy and lustrous. It’s making my teeth smile whiter.” You don’t have to use a toothbrush, you don’t have to use toothpaste. Three times a day, just a little bit of urine cleans my mouth.”

Urine is very dirty as it contains a number of bacteria’s, usually, they are harmless, but if they grow out of control, they can create a huge problem.

Many believe that drinking urine can cure illnesses such as allergies, acne, cancer, heart problems, infections, wounds, stuffy nose, rash, and other skin ailments.

But these are all false claims.

Drinking urine is not advised by doctors as it can bring in toxins, bacteria, and even medications in your own system.

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