Pregnant Woman In New Delhi Spent Entire Night On A Tree With Family During Overflowing Of Yamuna River

Usmanpur, New Delhi: A family with a pregnant woman spent an entire night on a tree to save themselves from water that came from the Yamuna River.

Instead of moving towards higher grounds, the family decided to climb on a tree in order to save themselves from the strong current of the water.

The pregnant woman, her husband, and their 2 children spent an entire night on the tree while water was flowing under them.

Jahangir, the husband of the pregnant woman, is a rickshaw puller.

The family spent one whole night and called for help by 11 am on August 21, 2019.

An emergency rescue team that consists of police and doctors were sent out to rescue the family afterward.

Noorjahan, the pregnant woman, said she was scared after she saw the water levels rising.

The water level of the Yamuna River has started to fall down, but the river is still flowing over the danger mark.

The Flood Control Room said that the water level of the Yamuna River was 206.60 meters by 2 pm on Wednesday, and by 5 pm it became 206.50 meters.

The Yamuna River started to flow over the danger mark on Monday with 205.33 meters of water.

Over 15,000 people who live near the Yamuna River have been evacuated and are currently staying in tent houses that were set up by government agencies.

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