American Woman Faces Jail In UAE For Using Strong Language Towards Man Who Sent Her Sexual Images

An American has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates after sending a strongly-worded email to a man that was sending her unwanted sexual images.

Melissa McBurnie, the American Woman, was detained in Abu Dhabi after being accused of Slander.

The incident was reported by a spokesperson of the US Embassy.

The woman, who is originally from California, told and sent a message to a man to tell him to stop send pornographic images of himself and sexually explicit messages to her.

The man lashed out in the message to the Egyptian national.

According to reports, the Egyptian national shared the sexual images of McBurnie with other people in the past.

McBurnie was detained by the UAE authorities after the Egyptian National reported her mail to the authorities.

Radha Stirling, the CEO of Detained in Dubai, said, “Melissa has been going through one of the worst nightmares a person can suffer in the age of the internet for the past four years; she has been inundated with abusive messages of an extremely sexual nature.”

Radha added, “Yet, somehow she is the one facing prosecution in the UAE for cybercrime violations, simply because she used strong language against her abuser.”

If McBurnie gets convicted in the case, she could face up to 2 years in prison for sending out rude emails.

The US Embassy in the United Arab Emirates said the woman was arrested for slander and was later released on bail.

McBurnie, the woman, claims that the Egyptian national has slandered her and is using her explicit images against her.

The woman was had been in the country since November 2019 on a tourist visa.

On the other hand, the Egyptian national had been living in the UAE for the past 20 years.

McBurnie and the Egyptian National, who is reportedly married, had been involved in a romantic relationship before the quarrel happened.

According to reports the relationship of the 2 went sour when McBurnie placed an end to theirs.

McBurnie will be staying in Dubai until her case gets heard in May this year.

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