Bengaluru: 28-Year-Old Parichay The First Transgender Employee in The Karnataka Secretariat  

Vidhan Soudha which is also known as the Karnataka Secretariat get its first Transgender Employee, 28-year-old Parichay was in the women and child welfare department on March 1, 2019.

28-year-old Parichay is from Mysuru, she was relocated to the city of Bengaluru a couple of years ago, she was jubilant on the first day of her job, she said “I am very excited to work here. I will give it my best as it is a big opportunity for me.”

28-year-old Parichay will be working as a clerk and will be on the pay scale as a Group-D employee. Before working at the Karnataka Secretariat, Parichay was working in Patna at an NGO that worked to bring sexual minorities into the mainstream.

After Parichay was asked if she was anxious as she will be working in the corridors of the local politicians, she simply replied that she has no reasons to be worried as she will have her team with her.

The Women and Child Welfare Department said that the principle of inclusivity must start in every person and should set an example by hiring a person from the LGBTQ Community in the local ministry.

Jayamala from The Women and Child Welfare Department said “It is our responsibility, to give a dignified life to transgenders who face several problems and are often overlooked in our society. Given the circumstances, I am happy to start this in my own department. With the right opportunity and respect, I believe transgenders can also come forward and prove themselves.”

Last year, In December, M Monisha, a transgender woman who lives in Belagavi was hired as a Full-Time employee in the Suvarna Soudha which is located in Belagavi, the Suvarna Soudha is the second secretariat of the state.


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