After sending out Bomb Threat messages on WhatsApp for a Rally that will have Prime Minister Modi, Man from Bihar gets Arrested

A man from Patna, Bihar was arrested by the police, this happened after the man sends out messages on WhatsApp that said a bomb blast will happen during a rally that will have Prime Minister Modi on 3rd March, the incident was released on Wednesday.

The man has been identified as Udayan Rai, he is a self-proclaimed social worker who lives in Patna, he was arrested on Tuesday as he threatened to carry out a bomb attack in the Gandhi Maidan during the upcoming Sankalp Rally by the NDA, the rally will take place on Sunday.

Police officials said that Udayan Rai has been charged for spreading rumors and threats. He has been presented at a court and will serve 14 days in Judicial Custody. The investigating officers are currently going through his social media profiles.

The NDA which stands for National Democratic Alliance is hosting the Sankalp Rally that will take place in Patna on March 3 as part of their election campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls.

After the incident, the security for the event has been increased. In 2013, a bomb blast happened on the same venue when Prime Minister Candidate Narendra Modi was in the city, the bomb blast killed at least 6 people.


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