107-Year-Old Indian Woman, Her 78-Year-Old Daughter, And 65-Year-Old Son Recover From Coronavirus

Jalna, India: A 107-year-old woman from Maharashtra has recovered from the deadly coronavirus within 10 days and after undergoing a spinal surgery.

The news was confirmed by the authorities in Maharashtra’s Jalna districts.

District civil surgeon Archana Bhosale said that the woman, whose identity was not shared with the public, underwent a spine surgery earlier at a hospital and tested positive for the coronavirus days after.

Dr. Bhosale said that the age of the patient was a major challenge in the recovery.

The elderly woman is not the only senior member of their family that got the deadly disease and recovered from it.

The 78-year-old daughter of the woman, her 65-year-old son, and her 2 grandchildren, who are 27 and 17 respectively, got the deadly disease and recovered from it.

A family that stands together, wins together.

Dr. Bhosale said that the family got discharged on Thursday.

They were hospitalized on August 11, 2020, for the coronavirus.

Before they went home, the son of the elderly woman said:

We had lost all hope. We survived because of the dedication shown by the medical staff…it is nothing short of a miracle.

This was special because the coronavirus is known to have a huge impact on the elderly patients and people that have breathing or other respiratory diseases.

A data that was released by the authorities in Mumbai suggested that 83 percent of all their coronavirus deaths were reported in people that are above 50 years old.

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