Louis Vuitton Launches Monogram-Print Face Shield Worth $960

Louis Vuitton, a fashion label, is launching an over-price face shield that is worth nearly $980 USD.

Basically, it’s the same face shield that you can get at your local pharmacy, however, it’s branded as an LV (Louis Vuitton) one, this is why it will cost you nearly $980.

Why is it this expensive?

Well, this face shield has a gold-colored stud that has the name of the company engraved on it. Not only that, but it also has a trimmed Louis Vuitton iconic monogram print.

Those are not the only things that they added on the extremely expensive face shield.

The LV face shield that you will buy for $980 USD has a photochromatic visor. This means that the color of the face shield will change as light touches it.

See, it is fancy.

If you’re one of the new people that love that weird fashion, this one’s for you too.

The new LV face shield can be flipped up and is capable of being worn as a headpiece, which is being compared to a weird cap.

The Louis Vuitton face shield that we are talking about will be available for purchase at your local LV store next month.

Will you get one? Let us know if you will be leaving a comment below!

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