Fans Of Indian Actor SRK Donate Over 5555 PPE Kits And Meals To 5555 People Celebrate His 55th Birthday

Fans are sometimes too much, but sometimes, they win the hearts of thousands of people and it is a good thing to witness.

Shah Rukh Khan, a superstar actor in India, turned 55 years old on November 2, 2020, and to celebrate his birthday, his die-hard fans did something very special.

Fans of Shah Rukh Khan ended up donating 5555 PPE kits, sanitizers, face masks, and meals to 5555 people in order to celebrate his 55th birthday.

Well, I see a lot of number 5s in there.

SRKUniverse, a fan base group on social media, shared images of fans distributing PPE kits and other essential items to people that need them.

A post that they made on Twitter was made with the caption of: “Here are the Covid Kits prepared by us that we’ll be distributing to those in need. We’ll be distributing 5555 Covid kits which will include 5555 masks & sanitizers, and meals on the occasion of the 55th Birthday of King Khan #HappyBirthdaySRK.”

Yash Paryani, the co-founder of SRKUniverse, said that they just wanted to help out people.

Paryani told Mumbai Mirror that they have everything in abundance, and they wanted to help people that do not have the basic comforts of life.

In order to help, the group started the “Helping Hands”, an initiative.

He then informed the news agency that they are free to donate anything from clothes, gadgets, and other day to day needs.

Paryani was quoted saying:

All of this give and take of goods will happen over social media, keeping in mind the COVID-19 protocols. We do not want people to unnecessarily step out of their houses only because of us. Fans can put up things for donation online by tagging our social media accounts.

Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his 55th birthday with his family in UAE.

He is there with his entire family due to the ongoing Indian Premier League 2020.

This year, SRK was greeted by UAE with a grand wish on the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

SRK said that he was extremely happy after observing his name on the tallest screen in the world on the tallest building in the world.

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