The New Selfie Expert, Realme U1 Has become Popular among the Indian Social Media Influencers

Good use of technology in smartphone Cameras can surely emphasize your beauty and show the whole world the part of you which they have missed. Incorporate technology in your daily activities and you will notice the difference that brings in your life.

With that said, you should know about the latest version of the Realme smartphone, the U1, which is about to flood the local market. This handset has many amazing features such as the HD camera and a perfect mix of hardware and software.

The U series of Realme phones are distinct in their design and capabilities. The series has four different types of phones as described below.

The C series which offers one of the most powerful packs of entry levels. It is the Realme C1.

The power master is another Reame series which is designed to offer the best performance but within the budget.

The U series which is the photography Pro, the Realme U1 has been described as the most powerful selfie camera phone of all times.

The Realme 2 Pro which is designed to meet the youths’ demands and has been since nicknamed the flagship of the youths.

The Realme U1 has drawn the attention of many celebrities and great social media influencers. It comes packed with front camera module which will make every selfie moment you have a memorable moment. Up to this point, you are eager to know more about it but before going there, let’s explore some of the reactions from the celebs.

From the Iran Dubey’s experience, he said that the chip it has is the game changer. While Niki Mehra found it so beautiful and could not stop tapping for more selfies.

She extended her congratulations to the Realme U1 manufacturers for the great product they have built.

Another stylist to be included in the list is Niharika Agarwal of the KN clan and has attracted over 233K followers on Instagram.

Realme has exploited every bit of technology in the manufacture of U1. It has an AI 25MP front camera controlled and powered by the SONY’s IMX576 light sensor. This sensor is very powerful and is just what it takes your selfies to be shine and be as bright as you would want them to be. The camera is designed to depict the true skin complexion of Indians. The way the camera was designed, it captures every detail of the hair and eyes through its 296 facial recognition points. The phone lets the users to add beauty to their selfies without tampering with the picture quality and also without introducing the undesirable effects such as slimming and whitening. All the selfies come out natural and very attractive.

The back camera is made up of 13 MP main camera and 2Mp secondary camera. The secondary camera handles the depth-of-field as well as the bokeh effects. The camera can capture first moving objects in a slow-mo mode up to 90fps/720P which makes the video recording more professional. The Realme U1 runs on an easy to use and interactive Android Oreo-based ColorOS 5.2.

For display of HD media files, the Reame U1 has a whole 6.3-inch dewdrop screen. The screen to body ratio is 90.8%. The whole body of U1 is spectacularly designed and is very attractive. It is made of light pillars as opposed to the solid colour found in other phones, and that has made it popular among the youths. The building of the backpack involved the use of 13-layer micron-level technology which is perceived as a transparent glass but it is of high-quality and durable as well.

At the core of Reame U1 is the Helio P70 processor. This processor uses TSMC’s 12nm FinFET production technology which helps in reducing power consumption by 15% compared to the 14nm class microprocessors. P70 has 900MHz ARM Mali-G72 MP3 GPU which gives you the best gaming experience even if you play high-end games such as Asphalt 9 and PUBG.

This powerful processor is powered by 3,500 mAh battery which is charged with 5V/2A charger. This can charge a depleted battery up to 30% in just 30 minutes. The phone had fantastic scores in our 93-hour Endurance rating. It emerged the best in all tests it was subject t such as web browsing, calls, video playback, and standby performance.


The Realme U1 is a powerful smartphone which goes at a cheap price for its specifications. It comes in three different colours: Ambitious Black, Fiery Gold, and Brave Blue. The Fiery Gold will be available as from January next year while the other colours are already on Amazon. Realme also launched accessories such as earphones and phone cases which will be available beginning next year.

Find the phone details summarized in the table below.

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