Top 5 Business Name Generators for E-commerce Stores

A strong brand gives you instant benefits when you start your business. Finding the right name is important when creating your online store so that it can be noticeable in the crowd. Here, you will find a list of 5 business name generators that can assist you to find your name.

1. Panabee

Describe your online store in only two words. Panabee presents you with relevant recommendations for a business name. In case your preferred title is already registered, the trade name generator offers several alternatives that are derived from abbreviations, syllables, prefixes, and trend names.

The tool may also be used to create a domain name, which halves your research time. What sets Panabee apart from other comparable tools is the ability to verify a name on many social media websites. If someone uses your company name on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you will receive a notification.

With Panabee, you can check the availability of the app name in the Apple App and Google Play Store.

2. Shopify Trade Name Generator

Shopify provides an incredibly beneficial tool to check company names and availability of web domains known as business name generator Shopify. You will discover hundreds or thousands, of pertinent names. Another good thing about this software is that once you have chosen a company name, you may register for a Shopify account and open an online store through the company’s e-commerce backend.

To start, all you have to do is insert a keyword and press the “Generate Names” tab. Although the tool returns multiple options for each search, the results are automatically filtered so that only trade names with available domains are displayed.

3. NameMesh

This tool is smart, flexible, and easy to use. It creates all imaginable variations of existing business names. You may type your chief keyword in the search window, and get ideas for company names very fast, as well as check site availability.

The outcomes page is distributed into different categories, for example, short, new, entertaining, SEO and general, so you can find the correct name for your commerce. Existing names are tinted in green while registered names are shown in red.

4. Oberlo Business Name Generator

The business name generator is recognized for providing hundreds of exclusive name ideas at the push of a button. You will be asked to type a keyword linked to the type of your trade and to click “Generate Names”. Then, up to 100 name choices are created with the keyword you inserted.

You may scroll over the list and choose a name for your business, or type variants of your keyword in the search tab till the tool returns a satisfactory result. In case you do not like the results displayed for a particular keyword such as “smartphone,” you can try again by doing your specific search for your business.

5. Cool Name Ideas

The Cool Name Ideas website lists three diverse name generators which you can utilize to search for blog names, company names, and product names. Every tool requests you to enter the words that describe your trade well and answer comprehensive questions. You may also click on the specific name to check the availability of the domain. The coolest aspect of Cool Name Ideas is, it contains step-by-step instructions for navigating its site.


Majority of the e-commerce entrepreneurs recognize the significant effect that the right company name may have on a company or brand. Outsource this important task to a company name generator instead of pulling your hair out in a notebook. With the list above, you can create a brand that you can proudly promote and own.

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