10-Year-Old Indian Boy With Extremely Rare Condition Shreds His Skin Every Month

A 10-year-old boy from India has a heartbreaking extremely rare skin condition with no cure, the conditions shred his skin every month.

Jagannath, the 10-year-old, has lamellar ichthyosis, an extremely rare skin condition that causes the skin to form scales, which dry out and shed every month.

The condition has varying degrees of severity, but Jagannath’s is so severe that he shreds his skin every 4 to 6 weeks.

The rare skin condition stops Jagannath to stop from walking properly as it sometimes gets tight, leaving the 10-year-old boy to use a stick.

With hopes to have some relief from his skin condition, Jagannath bathes himself throughout the day and covers himself in moisturizer every 3 hours.

Despite his continuous attempts, the skin of Jagannath dries out and sheds.

The skin condition Jagannath, from the Ganjam District of Eastern India, has is not treatable.

A dermatologist from the Ganjam District said the disease of Jagannath is untreatable.

The dermatologist said, “This disease is not treatable, although some doctors say there is a cure.”

The treatment for the disease includes creams medication, it helps to tackle the symptoms and the shredding of the skin, but the family of the 10-year-old boy can’t afford it.

Prabhakar Pradhan, the father of the boy, works as a laborer on a farm.

Pradhan said, “My son has suffered this disease since childhood, and there is no cure for it. I do not have enough money to take him for a treatment and my heart breaks seeing him suffer with this cursed disease every day.”

Dr. Rakhesh, a senior dermatologist at the Aster MIMS Hospital in Kerala India, said the lamellar ichthyosis is one of the rarest congenital skin conditions.

The condition affects around 1 out of every 600,000 people, but not everyone has severe symptoms as the 10-year-old boy.

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