6 dead after tempo with 13 passengers fell off a bridge in Maharashtra

6 people were killed after a tempo with 13 passengers fell off a bridge in Bhandara, Maharashtra on June 18, 2019.

Officials said that 4 women and 2 girls were killed in the accident.

The police said that tempo’s are only allowed to carry 8 passengers at a time, but the three-wheeler had 5 extra.

Three of the women who passed away in the accident had just graduated from high-school.

On June 18, 2019, 3:30 PM the accident happened on a bridge over the Chulbandh River in Sakoli-Lakhandur Road.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the tempo driver lost control over the three-wheeler and fell off the bridge.

The police released the identities of the deceased, 12-year-old Shital Suresh Raut, 20-year-old Ashwini Suresh Raut, 15-year-old Gungun Hitesh Palandurkar, 20-year-old Shilpa Srirang Kawale, 45-year-old Sharda Gajanan Gotefode, and 20-year-old Surekha Dewaji Kumbre.

Shital Suresh Raut and Ashwini Suresh Raut are sisters.

Ashwini, Shilpa, and Surekha graduated from grade 12 and were coming back after enrolling themselves in a college in the city.

Officials said that three women are currently battling for their lives in a hospital in Bhandara.

4 people, which includes the driver and 3 other people were rushed to a government-owned hospital in Sakoli.

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