Father Drives Family 350 Miles To Buy Kebab Just To Crash Vehicle While They Were Going Back Home

A father and his kids that were craving kebabs ended up driving 350 miles to fulfill it despite the coronavirus restrictions, but things went south when they ended up crashing the vehicle as they were coming back home.

According to reports, the father, who was also the driver, had no license or insurance when they were driving the vehicle.

The father crashed the vehicle on the M5, which is located near Portishead, Bristol.

The man was travelling with his wife and 2 kids in the car.

They told the police officers that they were travelling from Exeter to Coventry to pick up a kebab and were on their way back home when their vehicle got involved in an accident.

The authorities fined the man for driving without license, driving without insurance, and for breaking the coronavirus lockdown measures.

The Avon and Somerset Road Police Unite released a statement about the incident on Twitter.

They said:

RTC on the M5 at Portishead. The driver had no license or insurance. He had his wife, and 2 young children in the vehicle. They were returning to Exeter from Coventry where they had travelled to buy a kebab… Driver reported for various offences including the #Covid breach.

The authorities did not reveal any other information about the family that got involved in the crash

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