74-Year-Old Veteran Walks Dogs Of Elderly And Ill People On A Daily Basis

 Some heroes wear capes, but legends walk the dogs of the elderly and ill people on a daily basis.

A 74-year-old veteran named John Howarth has walked the dogs of the elderly and ill people in his community on a daily basis for the last 13 years.

Yes, 13 years!

If you want to know what loyalty to serve people is, you need to talk to John, it runs in his blood!

John  served in the Royal Navy for 22 years and when he was asked why he does it, the man said that he just loves dogs.

He also said that they are fantastic companions, but people who are infirm, referring to the elderly and the ill, have a hard time walking their dogs, so he does it for them.

The man is a volunteer for the “The Cinnamon Trust”, a national charity for the elderly, the terminally ill, and their pets.

In recognition of the amazing job that he had done, the charity did something for him.

The charity recently honored him with a long service award.

During an Interview with John, who lives in Somerset, he said:

For some people who live alone, having someone to walk their dogs means the dog gets exercise, and they get contact from someone on a regular basis. Some volunteers for the trust don’t walk dogs every day, but I do as I hate to think of the dog expecting a walk and them being disappointed. Mostly the dogs are oldish too, so a half hour walk is sufficient. All people seem to be grateful for my help, some don’t see anyone else for the whole day – the dogs are always pleased to see me, and I am happy to see them.

The thing about this is that the job is not always easy peasy.

The man said that a large greyhound belonging to an old woman with spinal cancer pulled him over while darting after a cat, the incident left him a cut on his face and his glasses destroyed.

Over his years of commitment, the man said nothing is easy.

The man has seen the death of many, many people along with their dogs.

He said he had to attend a lot of funerals and once, he found one person dead in his chair.

The experiences are really painful, said John, but that does not make him stop.

The man said that he is dedicated to do the same thing for years to come.

Ginny, his wife of 42 years, said:

He is a very kind man, and really loves dogs, and that is his motivation for 14 years service to The Cinnamon Trust. I am very proud of him, as are our two daughters.

Such an amazing story, right?

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