City Worker Returns Over $10,000 He Found In Donated Clothes

A city worker in Taiwan ended up returning around $10,140 to a man after he had found in clothes that were donated.

The worker said that the money was stored in red envelopes and placed in the pockets of a clothing item.

The TNDEPB (Taichung Nantung District Environmental Protection Bureau) said that 28-year-old Huang Chi-Lung was the one that recovered the money.

The man was sorting through bags of donated clothes at a collection sight when he found the money.

They called their supervisor right away.

The owner of the money was identified as a 72-year-old woman, who was not named.

She told the authorities that her husband gathered the clothes so they could donate them.

They had no idea that there was a lot of money in the clothes.

The woman said that she was saving money for retirement and a wedding gift for her daughter.

The Environmental Protection Bureau said that woman brought the Cleanup Team a basket of apples.

She did it to show her gratitude for returning the money.

Such an amazing thing to do in such times.

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