63-Year-Old Indian Man Is Looking For 7th Wife After 6th Wife Refuses To Sleep With Him

A 63-year-old Indian man is currently looking for their 7th wife after their 6th wife refused to do the thing with them.

The man has heart problem and is also diabetic, but despite that, their love to sleep is really high.

Ayyub Degiya, the man, is currently for their 7th wife after their sixth wife refused to share a bed with them.

Their 6th marriage only lasted for 6 months.

Degiya is a wealthy farmer who lives in the Kapletha village in Surat, India.

They got married in September 2020 to a woman that is 21 years younger to him.
The 2 got separated last month after the woman refused to have a physical relationship with him.

During an interview with Times of India, the man said:

She did not allow me to sleep with her. She used to complain of infection. I have a heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. I need a wife who can keep a relationship with me.

The first wife of Degiya is alive and lives in the same  village with their children, who are 20 to 35 years old.

The 42-year-old woman was left in complete shock after she found out that she was the 6th wife of her husband.

She ended up filing a complaint at the local Mahila Police Station.

Degiya was booked under the IPC (Indian Penal Code) section 498-A.

Talking about incident, the 6th wife, who wanted to stay anonymous, said:

After deserting me, he is now living with another woman even when his first wife is alive. I was told by some villagers that he keeps relations for a few months with women and later abandons them.

Chandresh Jobanputra, her lawyer, released a statement about the incident, saying:

December, Degiya dropped the woman at her sister’s house in Rander saying he was going out of town. He assured to pick her up upon return. But he never came back and hence she approached the police.

The lawyer said that Degiya was the one that approached the family of the 6th wife.

The man told her family that he wanted to marry and support her because she was a widow.

The man also said that he would be giving her Rs.2 lakh worth of jewelry and a house, but he backed out of that.

Degiya did not have any answer when he was asked on why he got divorced from his other wives.

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