74-Year-Old Indian Woman Becomes “World’s Oldest Mother” After Giving Birth To Twins Following IVF

A 74-year-old woman is believed to have become the oldest woman on our planet to give birth to twins through IVF (In vitro fertilization).

74-year-old Eramatti Mangayamma gave birth to 2 healthy baby girls on September 5, 2019. 78-year-old Raja Rao, her husband, was with her side when she gave birth.

Eramatti said she was inspired to try for a baby after her 55-year-old neighbor conceived.

The age of Eramatti has not been verified, but if she is as old as she claims to be, this will make her the oldest woman to give birth.

The current record holder is Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara, who gave birth when she was 66-years-old.

During her interview with the local press, Eramatti said, “I cannot express my feeling in words. These babies complete me. My six decade-long wait has finally come to an end. Now, no one call me infertile anymore. I thought about taking help of IVF procedure after a neighbour conceived at the age of 55.”

The Ahalya IVF Clinic in Guntur City, India paid for most of the procedures.

Eramatti has no other children, but doctors said she went through menopause 30-years-ago.

Under the supervision of Dr. S Umashankar, Eramatti gave birth.

Dr. Umashankar said that Eramatti came to his clinic last year and was surprised by her request. The doctor said he made it clear to Eramatti that it would be a challenge.

When a woman goes through the menopause, there is no way she could get pregnant in a natural way. But IVF, In vitro fertilization, makes it possible for a woman to give birth again.

Throughout her pregnancy, Eramatti was kept in the Ahalya IVF Clinic in Guntur City. A team of doctors, which had 10 doctors, closely monitored her health.

As time went by, scans revealed that Eramatti had twins in her womb.

Eramatti will not be able to breastfeed the twins as her body has stopped producing natural milk.

The current record holder of the “world’s oldest mother” is Bousada de Lara. She was 66-years-old and 358 days when she gave birth to twins in December 2006.

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