7cm Long Worm Found In Indian Man’s Eye 12 Years After He Was Bitten By A Dog


A stomach-churning video shows medics removing parasites from the right eye of a patient in India after he complained of severe pain and itching in his eyes.

Doctors in Gujarat India removed a 7 cm long wriggling worm from a man’s eye.

70-year-old Jasubhai Patel from Gujarat India went to the doctors to get help as he had severe pain and itching in his eye. But no doctor could diagnose him with any illness.

Luckily, one doctor spotted a parasite roaming around at the back of his eye.

Dr. Milan Panchal, an ophthalmologist at the Narayan Hospital and Research Centre in Bharuch, carried out a microscopic investigation on the man and found a worm in the back of the conjunctival surface, which is the white skin portion of our eyes.

In a video that was shared by the doctors, you can see a surgeon taking out the worm.

Talking about the surgery, Dr. Milan said, “We pulled it out alive. We only gave him topical anesthesia. The patient could feel the worm being taken out.”

Dr. Milan said if they did not remove the worm from the right eye of the patient, he could have lost his eyesight permanently.

Dr. Milan explained, “If the worm was not removed on time, it could have blinded the man. There is also a chance that the worm could have gone to his brain through the bloodstream.”

He added, “A surgery would have needed to remove it from the brain. It took us 25 minutes to remove the parasite. It was difficult to pin it down as it was moving around.”

Doctors believe the worm entered the eye of Patel through a dog bite.

Dr. Milan said, “We investigated his case and it is possible that the parasite might have entered his bloodstream and settled in the eye.”

70-year-old Patel is unmarried and is living in a hospice, where he works in the kitchen as a vegetable cutter.

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