Ahmedabad Police Constable Uses Baton To Brutally Beat Man For Not Wearing Mask In Public Area

A video that is viral on social media right now is really hard to watch.

In Ahmedabad, India, a police officer was caught on cam using a baton to brutally beat up a man for not wearing a mask in a public area.

According to reports, the police officer is a constable of Khokhra police.

He has been identified as Ramesh Bharwad.

They were caught on cam hitting a man that was not wearing a face mask.

Official reports about the incident suggest that the incident happened near the Swaminarayan Apartments in Narol.

Constable Bharwad went to the scene with a team vehicle when they saw a man walking and talking on their phone without wearing any face mask.

The video was shared on social media after the incident, where it went viral right away.

YS Gamit, an inspector of the Khokhra Police Station, released a statement about the incident and said that the video has gone viral.

The statement added:

We have taken cognizance of the video and are inquiring into the incident.

Achal Tyagi, the Zone 5 Deputy Commissioner of Police, said that H Division assistant commissioner of police Prakash Prajapati will be looking into the incident.

DCP Tyagi added:

The first thing is why did the constable leave his jurisdiction and go to Narol and beat up the man. He should have informed the police control room and Narol police could have taken action over the man for not wearing a mask. There was no need to beat the man. We will take action against the constable after the inquiry is over.

The condition of the man in the video was not revealed.

The name of the man was also not revealed to the public.

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