Bride Calls Off Her Wedding After Groom’s Friend Dragged Her To Dance Floor And Started To Ask For More Dowry

Only in India.

A bride and her family called off a wedding after the friend of the groom dragged the woman to the dance floor against her will.

Not only that, but the family of the man was asking for dowry.

The incident reportedly happened in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The bride’s kin is from Kannauj and the groom is from Bithri Chainpur, UP.

As per a report published by the Mumbai Mirror, everything was going as per plan until a friend of the groom dragged the bride.

He wanted the woman to dance with everybody, but it was not accepted by the family of the woman.

The family of the bride did not accept the act and the wedding was called off.

Some reports suggest that the police had to be called to the scene to help deescalate the matter because a fight was about to break out.

A heated argument broke out and the bride said that she has decided to return back to their house.

The father of the bride said that he respects the decision of her daughter.

He added:

I respect her decision. I cannot force her to marry a person who doesn’t respect her.

The brother of the bride also said that the family was asking for more dowry despite having set something ahead of the wedding.

Locals that were at the wedding said that a member of the groom’s group misbehaved with the bride.

The groom himself does not drink, but it was believed that the friend that dragged the woman to the dance floor was drunk.

Bithri Chainpur SHO Ashok Kumar Singh released a statement about the incident.

The statement reads:

The wedding has been called off. The woman’s family had filed a dowry complaint. No FIR was registered since it is an issue between two families. They reached a settlement.

The cousin of the bride said that they do not allow women to dance in public.

The same cousin said that the friend of the groom misbehaved with their sister.

The bride and the groom are postgraduates. The relationship was fixed thanks to a common relative by both families.

No information about the marriage was shared by the public.

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