Dead Rat Found In Meal That Was Served In A Muzaffarnagar Public School, 9 Students Hospitalized

Muzaffarnagar, Lucknow: A dead rat was found in a mid-day meal that was served to students in a government-run school in Uttar Pradesh.

The incident happened at the Janta Inter College government school at Pachenda in Mustafabad area and was served dal-rice as per Tuesday’s menu.

After eating the meal, 9 students felt ill and were rushed to a hospital near the public school.

The dead rat was spotted in the mid-day meal that a student consumed.

9 students felt ill after consuming the dal-rice dish that was prepared for the students.

The mid-day meal at the Janta Inter College government school is supplied by the Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti, an organization that is based in Hapur.

Dr. Navnit Bansal, a medical officer at the Government Hospital in Muzaffarnagar, said the condition of the 9 students and the teacher are now stable.

Dr. Bansal added, “Upon being admitted, it was aid that they had consumed food in which a dead rat was found.”

Satish Dwivedi, the Minister of State for Primary Education, said action will be taken against the people who will be found responsible for the incident.

During a press release, Minister Dwivedi announced that they have blacklisted the NGO that provided the food for the school.

An FIR against the NGO has been filed and further action will be taken after an inquiry will be submitted.

This is not the first time an incident like this has happened in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Last week, students at a government-owned primary school in Sonbhadra, District, were served 1-liter milk that was diluted with a bucket of water.

The milk was served to 81 children.

Earlier this year, a school in Mirzapur was found serving salt and roti (flatbread) to children in the school as their mid-day meals.

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