Deadly Lightning Strike Kills 7 Children Of One Family In Nawada, Bihar

Lighting struck 8 people in Nawada, Bihar, in which 7 of them were kids, below 15-years-old. Officials said all of them sustained life-threatening injuries that were caused by the lightning.

Officials identified the deceased as 26-year-old Ramesh Manjhi, 15-year-old Ganesh Manjhi, 15-year-old Chhotu Manjhi, 15-year-old Monu Manjhi, 12-year-old Nitish Manjhi, 10-year-old Chhotu Manjhi, 10-year-old Pravesh Kumar, and 8-year-old, Muni Lal Manjhi.

SDO Anu Kumar, the 7 kids were taking shelter under a tree when it was raining in the village of Dhanpur Musahari, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Kalichak Police Station.

8 people sustained injuries from the same accident, they are currently being treated by medical experts at the Sadar Hospital.

One person, whose identity has not been revealed, is currently in a critical condition and has been transferred to a hospital in Pavapuri.

The CM of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, announced that the government will be handing out Rs. 4 lakh to the family of the 8 people who lost their lives in the tragic incident.

CM Kumar also said that proper medical facility and assistance will be provided to the 8 people who sustained injuries from the incident.

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