Dolphins Are Swimming Again Near Mumbai’s Seashore Due To Lack Of Fishing Activity

Mumbai, India: Dolphins have been caught on cam swimming near Mumbai’s seashore as the entire country is on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As the entire city of Mumbai is on lockdown, which has caused no fishing activity near its seashore, dolphins have been caught on cam swimming freely.

Juhi Chawla, an actress in the Bollywood industry, shared the adorable video on Twitter, where she said, “It seems dolphins were sighted just off the shore…”

This was not the only video that was shared on the internet.

A video, which was shot from the NCPA Apartments along the Arabia Seashore in South Mumbai, showed a video of a pod of dolphins along the coast.

Shaunak Modi, a social media user, shared a picture on Twitter and said, “These dolphins, known as Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins are very much part of Mumbai coastal line and have been spotted frequently in the last few years.”

Modi, who is also the co-founder of Coastal Conservation Foundation, an NGO documenting marine life of Mumbai, shared the video to show how lack of fishing activities can affect the presence of the animals.

The dolphins were caught swimming near Mumbai as the entire city is on lockdown due to the growing concerns of the coronavirus outbreak.

The novel coronavirus has infected 511 people in India and has killed a total of 10 people.

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