Have Sex On Even Date For boy Child, Some Guru is Advising Couples a Gyaan That We Don’t Need

Indians love to have a male kid, and their obsession could be among one of the reasons for our increasing population. Adding to that fixation, a well known Marathi kirtankar (evangelist) Indurikar Maharaj, has recommended that having intercourse with your wife on an even date will bring forth a male kid.

The Guru offered these brainless comments during a kirtan at a town in Ahmedabad. The video of the equivalent has circulated to the world on social media.

“If intercourse with a lady is done on even date, a male kid is conceived, and if intercourse is done on an odd date, a girl child is conceived. In the event that intercourse is done on unlucky time, the youngster that is conceived would carry an awful name to the family,” Indurikar Maharaj can purportedly be heard saying while at the same time giving the message in his unique rural style.

The kirtankar is likewise purportedly heard saying that if the “timing” (of intercourse) is missed, the quality of the child will be incompetent.

An administration official said that his comments could pull his activity under the provisions of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act.

The compelling Indian desire to have boy child has made an expected 21 million undesirable girl child, said the Economic Survey 2018 presented in the Parliament a year ago. The measurements are a distinct token of how our general public capacities and how much grassroots level consciousness is required to change this mentality.

Have Sex On Even Date For boy Child, Some Guru
Have Sex On Even Date For boy Child, Some Guru

Numerous Indian parents keep on having kids until they have a boy, making undesirable young girls. This “meta”- inclination usually drives to the notional class of “undesirable” girls with decreased access to the family resources.

Regardless, the lives of ladies are improving, yet the general public, despite everything, needs less of them. Child preference is creating an unfavorable sex ratio, prompting a gauge of 63 million “missing” ladies, the administration said in its report.

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