India: 103-Year-Old Maharashtra Man Recovers From Coronavirus

Thane, Maharashtra: A 103-year-old man was discharged from a Maharashtra Hospital after defeating the coronavirus and recovering from its symptoms.

Dr. Sameet Sohoni, a doctor that was treating the 103-year-old, the 85-year-old brother of the 103-year-old man is also on the road of recovering from the deadly disease.

Dr. Sohoni said that the 103-year-old man was born in 1917, which is just 1 year before the Spanish Flue Pandemic.

Sukha Singh Chabria, the 103-year-old man, is a resident of Siddheshwar Talao.

He was admitted to a hospital in Maharashtra for showing coronavirus and pneumonia-like symptoms last month.

Dr. Sahoni said that his brother stayed in the ICU for 20 days.

He added:

He remained admitted in the ICU for 20 days. He has recovered completely from the infection and discharged on Monday.

The grandson of the 103-year-old was also admitted at the same hospital after testing positive from the deadly disease.

The grandson has been discharged.

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