India Has Cheapest 4G Data In The World, And Indians Spend 70 Mins Watching Movies Daily. 

India has genuinely expanded its data utilization propensities in the previous four years. Also, it appears as some insane stats!

According to an ongoing report by Nokia Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index, web traffic in India has exponentially developed – an astounding 44 times in the span of 2015-2019, which is among the most elevated over the globe.

Individuals are utilizing more 4G information. 

By and large, information traffic spiked an incredible 47 percent while the 3G network has seen an unequaled low of only 30 percent – fundamentally demonstrating that an ever-increasing number of Indians are presently associated with the web on 4G. India today has 598 million 4G information users!

Least expensive data tariff in India 

Also, is there any good reason why they won’t? India has the most minimal data costs over the world with nearly Rs 7 for every GB of data tariff instead of Rs 226 for each GB (truly, how might we overlook those days?).

Actually, 4G comprised of 96 percent of total data traffic in India. Indeed, even the general data use every month saw an extensive spike of 93 percent from the previously mentioned time frame – the normal data utilization every month went up to 11GB in December 2019.

The rise in the quantity of 4G gadgets 

India has likewise observed a significant spike in the quantity of 4G gadgets. The client base developed 1.5 times in 2019, contrasted with 2018 – from 335 million gadgets in 2018 to 486 million gadgets in 2019 – fundamentally because of enticing offerings by cell phone producers alongside truly vicious pricing.

India Has Cheapest 4G Data In The World, And Indians Spend 70 Mins Watching Movies Daily. 

Indians love watching videos on their smartphone. 

With quicker and less expensive data, individuals in India love gushing content on the web. Also, just about 88 percent of these watchers are on their smartphones, trailed by 5 percent on Smart TVs, 4 percent on Laptops, 2 percent on PCs, and 1 percent on their tablets.

According to the report, each Indian goes through 70 mins consistently on an OTT video stage like Hotstar, MX Player, Netflix, and so forth. Additionally, this happens practically 12.5 times each week, and every session keeps going a normal of 40 minutes!

This additionally has spiked interest in making more OTT content with new players developing in the market. In 2012, we had only nine significant players, however today, this number has gone more than 30 spilling stages – with the vast majority of them, including MX player offering free content.


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