Indian Farmer Finds 14.98-Carat Diamond Worth $80,000 On His Land

Just a normal day but with a twist.

The life of a farmer in India was transformed after they found a massive diamond on their land on just a normal day that they were having.

The diamond that they found was reportedly priced for around $80,000 on an auction.

45-year-old Lakhan Yadav, the farmer, was working on his land in Madhya Pradesh, Central India, when he found the massive diamond.

The diamond was later weighed and it was labeled as a 14.98-carat rock.

Initially, the man thought that the diamond was a pebble and ignored it, but until he rubbed the dirt off, the man realized that it was shiny.

The man took the gem to the district diamond officer.

The officer valued the diamond at around Rs 60 lakhs.

During an interview with Times of India, Yadav, who already sold the diamond, said that the diamond has changed his life.

Talking about his plans for the massive win, the man said that he will be using the money to help his children get access to proper education.

Yadav also said that he will be looking for more diamonds on his land, hoping that he will find more.

Such an amazing find for this farmer!

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