Sand Eating 78 year old Indian grandma Kusum Vati!

Kusum Vati a 78-year-old lady credits her outstanding health to her strange diet. Her diet consists of sand, stones, and gravel.

She has been eating a whopping 2 kilos of sand and gravel every day for more than 6 decades. She believes that the reason for her outstanding health is her unusual diet.

In the picture you can see the sand eating grandma is loading her mouth with loads of sand. And another interesting thing is that she likes to chew on the walls of her house as well. Kusum states that “I have been eating sand and gravel from 6 decades now and I don’t think that they cause any harmful effects on my health”. She just loves eating them.

She also claims she has never visited any doctor nor had any problem due to her bizarre diet. And also according to her, she can bite the hardest stone. She claims that she hasn’t had any problem in her mouth, stomach, teeth or any other body part and they are fine. This diet has made them stronger than before.

She revealed the history of her diet and said, “I started eating sand and gravel at an age of 15. At the first attempt, she had a severe stomach ache but it did not last long. And till now I have been eating and now it is my regular diet”. She feels that the minerals and nutrients in the sand give her the energy to work in her crop fields.

According to her grandchildren, she should stop eating sand. And they insist her to seek medical assistance to get rid of her strange addiction but she feels there is no need for doing so. She also has a reason, that she is completely healthy and fit just because of the sand and gravel she eats.

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