Indian Husband Buries Wife Under Cow Dung Mountain To Cure Snake Bite, Wife Dies

Indians and their belief in herbal medicine or radical superstition beliefs are just getting out of hand, especially for a man in Uttar Pradesh, who decided to bury his wife under a cow dung mountain to cure a snake bite.

35-year-old Devendri, a woman from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, was bitten by a snake when she was collecting wood. Instead of bringing her to the doctors or a hospital, her husband decided to do some traditional curing.

The husband of Devendri buried her under a mountain of cow dung with the hopes of curing the snake bite.

After Devendri was bitten by the snake, she rushed to her house and told her about the incident.

The husband called a snake charmer instead of taking her to the hospital.

The snake charmer told the husband to place Devendri under a mountain of cow dung, which is the poop of the cow.

As Devendri was under the cow dung mountain, the snake charmer started to chant out mantras.

Unfortunately, the mantras did not work and the 35-year-old Uttar Pradesh woman passed away from a snake bite.

It is still not known if the husband would be facing legal consequences for not bringing his wife to the hospital.

The fact that the husband did not bring his wife to the hospital is bizarre, mantras do not cure snake bites, but an anti-venom will!

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