Indian Man Arrested For Killing Friend That Refused To Buy Him Beer

Mumbai, India: A 29-year-old man from Jogeshwari was killed by his 36-year-old friend because he refused to purchase and buy beer for him.

The incident happened on the evening of Monday.

Shanmugam Rajendra, who is also known as 36-year-old Sonu, was arrested by the police for murdering Ajay Kuppu Swami, the victim.

A police officer from the Meghwadi Police Station said:

On Monday morning Sonu had asked Swami to bring a bottle of beer for him. However, the latter had refused to do so. The same night, when the victim, his brother and the accused stepped out for a walk, Sonu asked why he did not get a bottle of beer for him. The duo soon entered into a heated argument over the issue. In a fit of rage, the accused attacked Swami with a sharp weapon, following which he died.

The accused did not try to escape the crime scene after he killed the man.

He was arrested by the police and has been charged with murder.

Shanmugam Rajendra was remanded in police custody till Saturday.


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